Spending update

Hello! You might want to grab a cuppa as there’s quite a lot to tell you! 

At our recent committee meeting,  we discussed how we plan to spend some of your generously donated money and so, as promised, here is a breakdown of what we intend to provide this term, based on staff requests – 

  • Swimming pool equipment , eg floats and noodles and any other resources necessary to enhance the experience the pupils have in the water in terms of learning and play. We know how important it is to all of them, for it’s therapeutic benefits, exercise and having fun! 
  • An adapted trike for the Link College. The Woodingdean site has a new one and  the Link College staff felt it would be greatly beneficial to have one for the students there as well. 
  • Christmas treat for each class at school and the Link College. This can no longer be funded from the budget and so we are giving £5 per pupil for the class teacher to spend on a party, a gift, a trip, whatever is most beneficial for their young people for some end of term festive fun!
  • Christmas trees for both sites. Again, this has sadly become an unaffordable luxury and so we plan to buy artificial ones that can be enjoyed for many Christmas’s to come. 
  • The Drusillas pass has already been renewed by the Friends for the school year as we know how fantastic it is for classes to be able to go there.

As far as more medium/long term projects go, we are still discussing these with Vanessa and should have more news for you by the AGM which is Wednesday 7th December, 7pm at the Link College. However, initial ideas are focused around the school playground as this is in need of renovation and new equipment. As with any big project, there are several factors to take into consideration, so we will keep you posted. 

We hope this update is good news for you and feels like a positive step forward, providing more immediate, achievable and much needed resources, plus ideas for the bigger picture. 

If you have any comments or questions please get in touch or come to the AGM and be part of the decision making process. More involvement from parent/carers and staff is much needed and would be greatly appreciated by the current committee members. 

Thanks for sticking with it. It was a long update!!

Lisa Burgess on behalf of Friends of Downs View 

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