About Us

The Friends of Downs View School & Link College has been established since 1992 and as a Charity supports Downs View School and Downs View Link College. The committee consists of Parents, Carers, Staff and Friends and is run entirely on a voluntary basis.

The Aims are to fund raise for extra or specialist equipment , provide social activities for the students and their families, instigate fund raising activities and other events, i.e. training for the Parents/Carers and Pupils of the school and link college. Money raised is invested in the school and link college for the benefit of the students. We assist with the provision of educational facilities which are not funded by the Local Education Authority. We also liaise and develop partnerships with local companies, charities and community groups to benefit the pupils.

What we have achieved so far

“From our Fund raising efforts we have been able to purchase a variety of items for the school including: the adventure playground (which actually involved raising a total of £107,000 through fundraising events and charitable grants, soft play room, specialist equipment, a Backlit interactive whiteboard, PECS playground communication boards, bike shed, bikes, assistance with school holidays, tandem bikes and we also fund Discos and Fun Days to bring families together.  For the Link College (our 16 – 19 year olds) we have raised money for the leavers’ Prom for the students and their families each year, furniture and equipment for the college common room, air hockey, table football and gym equipment like rowing machines, cycles and cross-trainers.  We have also successfully fundraised for pairs of minibuses for the school and the Link College over the years; two in 2007 and two more in 2012.

Over the years athletic characters have also run the Brighton Marathon for us which has contributed significantly to the overall success of the Friends’ ability to fund the playground, minibuses and other items.”

Committee Members – Friends of Downs View School & Link College

Chair: Lisa Burgess
: Peter Mapledoram
: Michelle Edser
: Sarah Luxford, Mani Selvaraju, Steve Wyles, Nickie Poulton, Hayley Wootton, Denise & Stuart Savage, Keely Lewis, Nick Gras,  Harriet Rafferty,  Matt Edser,  Susanne Mapledoram, Julia & Guy Passey-Stone.
Ex officio member: Adrian Carver – Headteacher小型仏壇 シルビア 10号 ウォールナット 【仏具セット付】 パーソナル仏壇 ●お仏壇・仏具の浜屋
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Takizawa Shigeru / タキザワシゲル【メンズ】 【セットアップ・スーツ】【サイズ:46/46(M位)】【中古】
プレゼント 誕生 ギフト 赤ちゃん お祝いプレゼント ギフト ファミリージュエリー 幸せの守護石ペンダント ママ12月 ベビー8月 パパ10月 出産祝い 記念
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